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Madison Area Youth Soccer Association


Who is Required to Tryout?

ALL U11 and above players are encouraged to tryout.  If a child does not tryout they will only be considered for placement on a Tier 3 or 4 team and not on the more competitive level Tier 1 and 2 teams. 

U6 – U10 players do not participate in tryouts. Age groups are now based on birth year and not school year. 

When Are Tryouts?

First Day- Check-in 5:15-6:00, Try-out 6:00-7:30
Second Day - Check-in 5:45-6:00. Try-out 6:00-7:30 
U11 & U12 Players
  • BOYS – May 21st & 22nd
  • GIRLS – May 23rd & 24th
  • Rain Date: May 25th
U13-U15 Players (8th-grade players with fall birthdays)
  • BOYS – May 14th & 15th
  • GIRLS – May 16th  & 17th
  • Rain Date: May 20th
U15/16 Boys and Girls
  • May 29th & 30th

Where are Tryouts?

ALL Tryouts will take place at Northlawn located at 4900 N Parkview Street, Cottage Grove.

Tryout Registration & Cost

Please click to register here

On-line registration for the MGSC Tryouts will open April 28, 2018. The online tryout registration fee is $30.00 up until a week before respective age group tryouts. Late registrations (online registrations less than 1 week prior to tryout date for respective age group) and day-of registration (Walk-Up) is available and the cost is $50.00. Players are highly encouraged to register online as soon as possible before late registration fees apply.  A numbered t-shirt is included in the registration cost while quantities last. 

Team Formation

Teams will be formed based on a number of factors including individual player ability, age, competitive level, and whether or not a team intends on playing at the State League level. MAYSA is allowing teams to form at two-year age groups (U11 & U12, U13 & U14, U15 & U16). The MGSC will likely form some teams at two-year age groups and some teams (if they intend on playing in the State League) at birth year age groups.


Because teams are now formed by birth year, changes to coaching personnel will need to be made. A survey of interested coaching personnel is being conducted to help determine the most suitable coaching assignments. Final coaching assignments will be made by the MGSC U11 – U19 Age Director and the MGSC President in conjunction with the MGSC Board of Directors. Coaching assignments will likely not be determined before the tryout dates but will be determined before offers are made.

Playing Up

Players may tryout for one level beyond their age group. Please refer to the MGSC playing up policy and the classic team formation policy for more information. Please keep in mind that because of the birth year changes and the possible two-year age group formation of teams, a player playing up may conceivably play against players who are two grades older than they are.

General Disclaimer

Offers on to a specific team are at the sole discretion of the MGSC. Player placement on a team can change from year-to-year and is based on the tryout process. There are no guarantees that a player who tries out for a higher level will be made an offer at that level. The MGSC will make every possible effort to place a player on a team. However, if there are an insufficient number of players to form a team at a given level, a player may be denied an opportunity to be placed on an MGSC team. In such a case, the MGSC will work with the family and other local clubs to determine if there are available roster spots within these clubs.

Tryout & Selection Process

The MGSC Coaches and Administrators know that the tryout and selection process can be a stressful time for everyone involved especially the player. Players are encouraged to get a good night sleep the night before the tryouts, try to get all homework done before the tryouts begin and to eat a light snack or meal before the tryouts which will provide sustained energy. Players should bring plenty of water, a ball, and all typical soccer equipment to the tryouts.

At the tryouts, each player will be rated on the following criteria using a scale of 1 (needs improvement) to 5 (exceptional):

  • Technical (dribbling, passing, tackling, shooting, receiving, etc.)
  • Tactical (decision making, creativity, field vision, positioning, mobility, etc.)
  • Physical (speed, agility, strength, power, stamina, flexibility, etc.)
  • Psychological (composure, leadership, motivation, attitude, determination, respect, etc.)
  • Communication (player-to-player, player-to-coach, respectful, soccer-specific, etc.)

There will be many coaches on hand at the tryouts to help in the rating process. The scores will be averaged and the players will be ranked based on scores. These rankings in conjunction with spring season player ratings by current coaches will be used in the player-team selection process.

Start Dates for Offers

  • U11 – U13 Boys & Girls: June 15, 2018 at 12 noon
  • U14 – U19 Boys & Girls: June 22, 2018 at 12 noon

A complete description of the Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association 2018– 2019 Tryout Policy can be found here. This policy governs the tryout and offer process and will be strictly adhered to by the MGSC. Players and parents are highly encouraged to familiarize themselves with this policy. The MGSC will use Active League One for player registration. Tryout registration is NOT considered the player registration.

Please note, if a team applies to State League, players on that team will be assessed an additional fee over and above the club’s registration fee. If a team is accepted into State League, players on that team will be assessed an additional fee over and above the club’s registration fee and the State League application fee.

Each player must register for tryouts.

NOTE: A new registration system (Demosphere) is in use for the upcoming 2018-19 soccer season so all families will need to create new accounts. 

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