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Become a Referee

The Online Portion of NEW REFEREE Courses is Open!

The Grassroots First-Time Referee course is for candidates who haven't previously been registered as a referee, or for previously registered referees who have had a lapse in certification (2021 or prior lapse). Minimum age per US Soccer policy is 13 years old at the time of registering for the course.

The total cost of the course is $70; a background check, if 18 or older is an additional $30 (for a 2-yr period).  Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association is offering reimbursement of course fees (including registration fee and background check fee) for New or Lapsed Registration Referees who successfully complete the requirements to become a US Soccer Referee for 2024. 

This is a 12-hour course:

  • 8 hours in the U.S. Soccer Learning Center (on your own)
  • 4 hours WisRef In-Person session (On-Field session) with instructors
  • Creation of a WisRef Assigning Platform account

After successful completion of the above, you will be registered as a new 2024 Grassroots Referee.

Steps To Register:

Check the NEW Referee course details in the US Soccer Learning Center for the dates/locations where the In-Person on-field Sessions will be held. Many new In-Person on-field Sessions are being added.

WisRef utilizes 2 platforms. Registration and learning are within the US Soccer Learning Center. Game assignments, after completing all requirements, will be in the WisRef GameOfficials platform. Steps, to be completed fully and in order:

  1. Create a Referee profile in the US Soccer Learning Center: This profile or account is for the Referee, not the parent. Full name & mailing address is required; the name, address & primary email should be the same as will be input into GameOfficials. Please note that school email addresses are sometimes problematic, so should be avoided.

    If you are 18 or older, you will be prompted to pay for and complete a 2-year background check and complete the SafeSport module. If you turn 18 during a registration period, you will be required to complete the background check and SafeSport in order to continue refereeing during the seasons.
  2.  After you create your account, pay the $70 US Soccer 2023 registration fee and WisRef course fee. Register in the following course: 2024 New Grassroots Referee – Assignment Course 

    Instructions for how to find and sign up for a course on Learning Center -- note: to search for the course, leave the location field blank  and under "host" select Wisconsin State Referee Commission
  3.  Complete all US Soccer Learning Center required assignments in the following pathway: Courses/My Courses/Go to Classroom/Assignments. Remember to log out if you take a break from the training and continually save your progress. Chromebooks are not always compatible, may not load, save, or display properly, and, henceforth, Chromebooks are not recommended.
  4.  After completing steps 1 through 3, notify to choose a date/time to attend a WisRef In-person field session. You will be able to pick a session date and time from the list in her email reply. Session dates/times are listed in the course details when you register.