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Madison Area Youth Soccer Association

Recent U9 B Hawks News

Bring a soccer ball to each practice

By Gillian 04/03/2019, 3:00pm CDT

What's important for practice? ball, cleats, water bottle, boy

Spring is here! If you can, send a soccer ball with with your boy to practice. Yay!

Coach Karl Runs Efficient & Effective Parents' Meeting

By Manager 08/20/2018, 7:30pm CDT

How does he do it?

Coach Karl hosted most of the Hawks U9 Parents during a monsoon at Oneida Park. With thoughtful notes and a kind approach, he introduced himself and Coach Keene by covering the following and discussing questions with soggy attendees:

+ We will work on ball control skills as well as field positions

+ Wear a white or black to shirt practice please

+ Manager will get uniforms to you when they're available

+ Make the effort to come to all practices and games

+ Please let Coach Karl know if you will miss a practice or game

+ Online and on your mobile app Sports Engine is our team "bulletin board" with our practices noted, game schedules and more

+ Check out Madison Area Youth Soccer Association (MAYSA) at for all sorts of youth soccer details; Monona Grove Soccer Club is a member of MAYSA

For games please consider the following:

>>Our Hawks U9 team is a "recreational" team, and in that spirit and practice all team members will get time to play in games

>>Be respectful and kind to the referees; please ask others to do the same (it's hard to secure referees)!