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Madison Area Youth Soccer Association

U6-U10 Team Formation Policy

MGSC has decided for the benefit of the club and to fall in line with WYSA, U6 – U9 players will be reshuffled among coaches and teams after each season. Coaches will be asked to rate all of their players at the end of each season for creation of teams for the next year. A scale of A-B-C will be used for ranking (A being the highest ranking). This scale is simply intended to try to keep all teams evenly skilled/matched. Only the ranking coaches and those making the teams will see the ranking. All coaches will be guaranteed their son or daughter on their team prior to the random selection.

For age levels U6 – U8 we will place players with a head coaches only. If assistant coaches are needed, they will need to be chosen after team selections have already been made.

U6 level
Starting at U6 MGSC will randomly choose teams: trying to have equal numbers of boys and girls on each of the formed teams.  At the end of the season we will be asking each coach to rate their players on a scale A – C, with A being the most talented players. This information will be used for player distribution at the next age level.

U7 and U8 level
With the information given at the end of the previous season players will be randomly chosen and redistributed and most likely assigned to a new coach for the upcoming season. Once again at the end of their current season, coaches will rate their players on a scale A-B-C scale, with A being the most talented players. This information will be used for player distribution at the next age level.

U9 level and U10
Starting at U9 we will use the information from the U8 player rankings to create teams.  These new teams will be kept together for all of U9 and U10, unlike the U6-U8 ages, no team or coaching reshuffling will be done after the start of the U9-U10 seasons. The only time team reorganization will take place is due to addition or departure of players to/from the club.

Starting at U9 we will be creating an all girl teams, if we have viable numbers of players to do so. During the sign up process it will be assumed that all female players will be assigned to the all girls team(s). If the parents and player want to play on a coed team, this must be checked on the registration form at the time of signed up. 

After the end of the U10 season, players can either tryout for U11 Classic teams or be automatically assigned to a Recreational Team, assuming that we will have enough players to field a team at that age level.