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Madison Area Youth Soccer Association

“Girls Playing Coed” Policy

MGSC believes girls should be able to play on either “co-ed” or “girls” teams (there are no “boys only teams” and the boys don’t have the option of playing on a “girls” team); whichever best fits their abilities, desires and needs.  However, we also have to balance that belief with availability of teams and numbers of girls available to form a team. 

MGSC wants all kids to be able to play and allowing a girl to play on a co-ed team could mean another child won’t have a spot to play.  MGSC always strives to develop the kids they have, into the best teams they can (including Classic level kids with commitment and desire) rather than form the best teams without regard to all kids having a team to play on.

Girls may be turned down from playing on a co-ed team for the following reasons:

  • They don’t possess the skills necessary to make the team, like any other player.
  • There is a spot for them on a “girls” team and they would cause a boy to not have any team to play on.
  • Their not playing on the “girl’s” team would mean not having enough girls to form a girls team.  We understand that they can then go to another club and this situation will still exist, but we choose not to encourage the situation.

The commonality of these situations is that we strive to do what is most beneficial to the player and the club, in the short term and the long term.  Beneficial to the club means beneficial to the greatest number of players being served, according to the club mission statement. 

When girls are allowed to play on a “co-ed” team, it is important to keep in mind that any decision to do so is only for a year at time.

If your daughter intends to tryout for a “co-ed” classic team, please be familiar with the preceding guidelines.

If your child does well at the tryouts, but is not able to play on the “co-ed” team, the following are some possible (with coach/club approval) accommodations that can allow a player to receive enhanced training and opportunities while still playing on a “girls” team:

  • Occasionally practicing with the “co-ed” team.
  • Subbing in on an occasional game or tournament.
  • Encouraging your coach to scrimmage the “co-ed” team or even play in co-ed tournaments.