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Madison Area Youth Soccer Association

Director of Coaching Job Description


Provide a highly trained and dedicated internal MGSC resource that is focused on developing our coaching staff and training curriculum to provide the best experience for our young athletes.

Preferred Skills

Deep understanding of the game of soccer (strategy, skills, rules, team dynamics)

In it for the good of the game and the kids

Extensive coaching experience at all age levels

Organized / methodical coaching curriculum tied to age specific skills development

Clear and candid communicator

Requiring D level license

Recommended duties

Define and document a progressive player skills development plan by age group

Work with coaches to define and set practice training plans

Collaborate with other coaches to define age or team deficiencies, help to address and mitigate deficiencies

Mentor existing and aspiring coaches to improve their coaching abilities

As needed run continuing education coaching clinics

Facilitate a coaching mentor program

Coach licenses will be jointly monitored by the Age Director and the Director of Coaching

Monitor coaching performance through parent contact

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